Veterinary Technicians 

Our Veterinary Technicians are the heart of the hospital. From walking into your new puppy appointment, to triaging your emergency animal, to holding your geriatric family member in the final moments, they bring their best each day. Together as a team, they provide patient care at the highest level along with relaying critical information to our clients. They enjoy handling and working with all animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, turtles, and all the pocket pets. In addition, their daily tasks include administering medications, performing radiographs, and assisting in ultrasounds, monitoring anesthesia, acquiring samples, and running lab work, filling prescriptions, handling vaccines, taking vitals, and recording patient history. You will be more than satisfied with leaving your furry family member with our staff. 

Veterinary Receptionist 

Our Veterinary Receptionists are the smiling faces that greet you whether over the phone or in person. They’re constantly multitasking by providing the rest of the team with direct and accurate communication from clients. Their tasks include welcoming our appointments, answering our busy phones, replying to emails, relaying information including prescription refills and patient updates. Additionally, they are responsible for scheduling appointments, filing patient records, informing the staff of critical emergencies, and providing invoices and documents to clients. Our receptionists never miss a beat in our busy lobby while prioritizing the importance of client care and compassion in the veterinary field. 

Veterinary Kennel Assistant 

Our Veterinary Kennel Assistants are the glue that holds the hospital together. Their helpful hands and compassionate personalities allow you to hand over your four-legged family members without a worry. They skillfully care for your animals by giving them the utmost comfort while in our care. Trained to keep a watchful eye on patients’ needs, medicate, when necessary, stay up to date on dietary restrictions, and give the extra walks and love each patient deserves. Our assistants are constantly progressing toward future goals in the veterinary field and continue to learn with each new task.  


Our Groomers will make your pets feel and look fresh with years of experience in the field, they will discuss all trims and baths with you in advance much like your own stylist. They take pride in performing above client approval, whether a traditional bath or breed standard cuts. We have morning and afternoon drop offs for your convenience.